About Orchard Fundraising
Orchard Fundraising is an online fundraising platform hosted by Schermer Pecans in Thomasville, Georgia. 
I worked in collaboration with designer Kara Knack to create the wireframes and UI as well as to plan functionalities across the Orchard platform for an effortless user experience. 

Created while working at 223 Agency.
Interface Designs
The Orchard Fundraising platform allows customers to sign up to order Schermer Pecan products in support of a fundraiser set up by an organization such as a school or business. Below are the CMS UI designs for the super administrators and the group administrators to use to control content displayed on the end-user's screens.
User Flow
Below are two images: the first is of the super admin's flow to edit and create content for group admins, and the second is the group admin's flow which allows the group admin in charge of a specific fundraiser to coordinate individual fundraisers for their organization. The group admin's flow features a walkthrough of the platform shown directly after signing up for the platform for an easier signup experience.

Super Admin Flow

Group Admin Flow

Pictured here are the logos and colors used in the design of the Orchard Fundraising Platform.
The finished admin platform can be viewed here: https://orchardfundraising.com/admin

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