My name is Gillian Kamerer. I'm a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and mistake maker.
Yes, you read that above line right. I make mistakes - but who doesn't? Sometimes awesome new ideas come from those mess-ups that seem bad in the moment. 
The three of the things I love most in this world are: illustrating something cool, designing a logo, and sometimes a combination of both. Whether I'm testing out fonts with color combinations or I'm wireframing a new page, I'm always pushing the boundaries more with every project. The most exciting thing about the world of design is that it's always changing - a new program is always around the corner that enables you to visualize complex ideas even better than you could before.
I'm always learning, and I'm always open to teaching aspiring designers tips and tricks on how to advance their graphic design/creative careers. Especially on Instagram, where I've found some of the most amazing people and talented designers.​​​​​​​
I currently spend eight hours per day at The Zimmerman Agency as an internal and client-facing graphic designer (and occasionally a fine artist and animator). I work with some of the coolest people I know and learn more every day while working on international brands and local ones depending on the day.
Taking it back to my time at 223 Agency, I had the amazing opportunity to create impactful digital and print designs internally and externally, but one of my favorite parts of that role was getting to mentor three talented interns in Graphic Design as well as User experience/User Interface Design. Throughout the course of their semester, I worked with them one-on-one and honed their skills by offering them the opportunity to assist with client work to immerse them in agency life and gain experience to set them up for success. 
Van Gogh is my favorite fine artist (if you couldn't tell) and I spend my free time painting, drawing, dabbling in printmaking, and going on hikes around town. Traveling and attending at least 5 concerts per year (the indie scene is my favorite!) are the top two activities I always make time for.
Not quite satisfied? More about what makes me tick and my illustrative work is featured on my instagram.
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