Event Owl is an online event platform that fills your virtual, live, and hybrid event needs. I redesigned the dashboard for a more effortless, aesthetic, and functional experience when the user first logs in.

Created while working at 223 Agency.

Old Design
The old design is functional but needs improvement to create more space for the elements to breathe. There is a lot of congestion where text is concerned, and that can be fixed by using preview text, and then the rest is shown when the element (such as an event) is accessed.​​​​​​​
Updated Design
The goal was to simplify and remove any unnecessary elements, creating an easy user flow from the first moment the user enters the site to the event, up until they log out.
All of the extra whitespace has been removed, so everything fits more appropriately on the screen. The different blue tones indicate the most important elements: Titles, buttons and the content itself.
Animated Sidebar
The dashboard now features an animated sidebar that expands when a user scrolls over an option, leading to more accessibility and a more intuitive design.
For more information on the functionalities of the platform, view the website here: https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/CH4EJfPNJoU6X3evuBZv83ki.

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